How to Burp Kombucha

How to Burp Kombucha Bottles

Why “Burp” homemade kombucha?

Burping homemade kombucha bottles is essential to prevent excessive carbonation buildup, which could lead to exploding bottles or overly fizzy kombucha. During fermentation, the beneficial bacteria and yeast consume sugars and produce carbon dioxide as a byproduct. If this gas is trapped in the bottle without release, pressure builds up, potentially causing the bottle to burst.

Watch the Booch Witch’s step-by-step video for instructions on how to burp your home-brew kombucha.

By burping the bottles, you release some of the built-up carbon dioxide, regulating the pressure inside.

I use this technique on brews known to me as fizzier (mango, raspberry). This process helps control the level of carbonation in kombucha, ensuring it’s safe to drink and doesn’t pose a risk of explosion.

Burping also allows you to monitor the fermentation progress and adjust the flavor and carbonation level to your preference.