Cranberry juice and lemon verbena kombucha

Cran Bam…. Thank you, ma’am! 

A Quick and Easy Recipe

If you are looking for a breezy, straightforward homemade kombucha recipe, you’ll love my Cran Bam Kombucha recipe! 

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Cranberry juice is good for immunity, full of antioxidants, and is a reliable player in the flavoring process. I typically keep a handful of shelf-stable jars on hand to use when I’ve had a long week and weekend and don’t want to fuss with cutting fresh fruit or have the time to thaw frozen fruit.

Lemon verbena compliments cranberry juice nicely, offering a natural, citrusy taste. I source my lemon verbena fresh from a garden pot during my growing season. Look for fresh bunches at farmers’ markets and local co-ops. Dried lemon verbena also works very well, and can usually be found at natural food stores and co-ops.  

Kombucha home-brewers ????

Follow the recipe below during the flavoring step and enjoy the sweet, citrus tang of Cran Bam!

Cran Bam Kombucha Recipe

*for one 12-16 ounce bottle

  • Cranberry juice – one tablespoon
  • Lemon verbena – three fresh leaves (six leaves if dried)

Store-bought juices often contain lots of sugar and often rapidly ferment. Check on your bottles after flavoring – they will likely need a burp. Check out my post on burping bottles ????

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