The integrity of kombucha and why reading labels matters

Why reading the label matters

Your favorite kombucha brands may be watered down. Kombucha Brewers International released a Code of Practice. The code distinguishes between the following categories: Traditional Kombucha Tea: This is a fermented tea, made with a scoby and sugar. The way I make my brew at home would be considered a Traditional Kombucha Tea. Kombucha: Same as

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Herb garden

Using herbs to flavor kombucha

Nothing amps up the complexity of a kombucha fruit flavor like a fresh herb. Look to delicious and popular retail brewers with flavors like Blood Orange Mint and Lavender Chamomile for inspiration.

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Kombucha bottles

Kombucha bottling basics

How to choose the best bottles for your brew I’ve been bottling home-brew kombucha for years. Various bottle options exist — some better than others! Accumulating the right bottles for a good home-brew stash can take creativity and knowledge about the brewing process. Recall in the kombucha brewing and fermentation process the first fermentation (F1)

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Elderberries and jar of elderberry syrup

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

During a recent how-to class, I showed participants how to make a delicious elderberry-flavored kombucha. Elderberries pack a powerful punch in assisting your immunity.

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Beautiful scoby

Early expectations

Getting your scoby happy at home may take some time. Let’s talk about expectations for the first few weeks of your home-brewing kombucha.

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