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Quick, Fast, Cheap, and Easy Kombucha

Strapped for time? Feeling lazy? Brew cycle sneak up on your week? Need a kombucha flavor — quick?!! Read on for my quick, fast, cheap, and easy kombucha recipe, and use regular items stocked in your kitchen pantry.

My secret weapon?

A small can of Dole pineapple juice.

You know the small cans you can purchase in six-packs? Yup – those!

And, while I don’t make a habit of adding extra sugar like this to kombucha, the amount of juice used per bottle is really minimal. And plus, pineapple juice is a vibrant and satisfying source of Vitamin C. 

You can also use orange juice, cranberry juice, cherry juice, etc… See what I mean? Super easy.

For each 12-16 oz bottle, add one (1) tbsp. juice during the flavoring process.

What else do you have on hand?

Of course, just a splash of pineapple juice in a kombucha bottle can be enough for a flavor. But, if you want to give yourself a deeper experience — and try something new — take a look at your spice rack for a few seconds.

Dried herbs, seasonings, and powders will compliment a pineapple kombucha while allowing you to still try something new quickly. And, maybe also get rid of stuff.

items you might have in your cupboard, too 🤑

Chili powder – use a tiny bit – ¼ tsp per bottle

Dried sage – one small leaf or ¼ tsp

Powdered ginger: ½ tsp 

Whole, dried clove: just one clove per bottle, or ¼ tsp powdered clove

Star anise: one arm of the tiny star, or seed pod

Dried, ground turmeric: ½ tsp (add ½ tsp powdered ginger – inspired by my cheery friend Julie 🥰)

Green Tea matcha powder: ½ tsp 

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