Thawed, frozen blackberries in a glass jar sit on a blue plate with a jar of cinnamon powder. Scattered next to the jars are dried elderberries. A druzy quartz and fresh tulsi are also on the plate.

Berry Persuasive Kombucha

Deeply emotional, Scorpios are often magnetic and have the power to convince. In honor of one of my absolute favorite astrological signs, I present the Scorpio-themed Berry Persuasive Kombucha. This forceful and potent kombucha contains immunity-building natural ingredients like real, dried elderberries and blackberries.

Blackberries encourage success and are a juicy and deep addition to any homebrewed kombucha. Balanced with a dash of cinnamon and six dried elderberries, Berry Persuasive Kombucha is also a quick and easy recipe.

  • Blackberry – thawed frozen, or fresh (2 tbsp)
  • Elderberry – dried berries (6)
  • Cinnamon – one dash
  • Tulsi – dried or fresh (1 tsp) optional

Tulsi is a remarkable herb and adds a unique layer to homemade kombucha.

I like to grow a pot of tulsi every year in my garden and utilize the dried leaves throughout the year. Consuming tulsi is known to foster spiritual enlightenment. Find dried elderberries and tulsi, in the bulk section of your local, friendly co-op and even some grocery stores.

A fresh sprig of mint and thawed jar of frozen blackberries sit on the handwritten recipe.

Fresh Earth Kombucha

Pick some mint up at the farmer’s market? Do you have fresh mint growing in your garden? June is the perfect time to trim up your mint babies. 

*See my mint tip after the recipe ????

Fresh sprigs of mint add a low-key flavor to homemade kombucha flavorings. Any berry (frozen or thawed), or fresh fruit (apples, strawberries, cherries – the possibilities are endless) typically pair well with fresh mint.

Blackberry is a favorite of mine to combine with mint. Blackberry is such a dark, dramatic fruit and is ruled by the Earth element for all of my fellow Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). As you place blackberries in kombucha, asking for prosperity is appropriate. 

  • Blackberries – fresh or frozen and thawed (1+ tbsp)
  • Mint – Fresh (1 sprig)*
  • Hibiscus – dried culinary petals (3 petals)

*Dried mint can also be used in kombucha. Use it sparingly ????

Mint Gardening Tip:

To keep a mint plant healthy, cut it before it starts to produce a flower. This ensures the plant’s energy is held within the leaves, and not spent on the flower itself. As you can imagine, producing a flower uses a lot of a plant’s energy. 

Mint is so tough and forgiving, I typically eye up the best mint cuts when they reach 9-10 inches, but it varies by mint.

Important Tip: Cut the mint directly above a lower group of leaves, right above the grouping, as illustrated.

And… Repeat. The mint shown is a “Chocolate Mint” variety. I typically cut 6 sprigs for each bundle.

Tie in a bundle and hang upside down to dry. I like using twine, leftover ribbon, rubber bands, whatever I have my hands on.

Dried leaf bundles can be used for tea, potpourri, and even smudging as a sage alternative. Mint is known to aid in prophetic dreams, so adding some mint to a bedtime tea brew can be a good idea when looking for guidance.

Thawed blackberries, dried juniper berries, and shaved palo santo wood sit in jars on a Ouija board cloth.

Black Forest Kombucha

Are you ready to try something fun and maybe a little experimental? Are you ready to catch some relaxing vibes from your kombucha in a unique fashion?

Enjoy the juiciness of blackberries as they take over a flavor, with earthy and experimental additions of juniper and palo santo in this unique kombucha.

Visit your favorite metaphysical store and purchase Palo Santo wood, which can traditionally be found by incense. Before you burn the wood, take a carrot peeler to gather a few tiny slivers into a jar. Trust me -you’ll notice the woody taste, which leaves a nice mellow if you are open to it ????

Blackberries are a quality standby to have as a kitchen staple in your freezer. Packed full of vitamins C, E, K, and Calcium, I always leave plenty out for me to snack on and add to a smoothie.

Juniper berries will give kombucha a gin-like taste, so just two will do. Top off this flavor with a slice of Palo Santo Wood, and you’ll be off in a flavor wonderland.

  • Blackberry – Thawed, frozen (1-2 tbsp)
  • Juniper Berry – Two dried berries, crushed to release magic (2 berries)
  • Palo Santo Wood – One sliver (optional – can substitute fresh or dried mint)

More about Palo Santo Wood

People have burned Palo Santo for ages to rid a space of negative energy. When purchasing this special wood, respect the people, traditions, and the Earth by ensuring it is ethically sourced and sustainable.  You can also make tea with Palo Santo wood. Again, this lends a strong calming effect. ☽ enjoy when you have no responsibilities ☾