A small jar of thawed, frozen blueberries sits on a purple tablecloth with a jar of Wisconsin maple syrup, a few slices of fresh jalapeno pepper, and a moonstone pendant.

Sweet Heat! Kombucha 

Sweet Heat! Is a perfect recipe to try one or two bottles during your regular kombucha flavoring process. The blend of sweet berries, a dash of local maple syrup, and fresh peppers (maybe right out of your garden?) will tickle your nose. Be warned – this one is not for the faint of heart! Sip delicately 🤧💚

Fresh garden jalapenos work best in this recipe but feel free to experiment with any other type of fresh pepper you have on hand or stumble on at a local farmers market. A little squirt of real maple syrup (local to you, if possible) is a nonnegotiable addition to round out Sweet Heat! Kombucha.

  • Jalapeno – fresh, sliced (½ tsp, usually one sliver of a slice)
  • Maple Syrup (1 squirt)
  • Blueberries  –  thawed frozen, or fresh (2 tbsp)

Some of the best advice I’ve given is to experiment with pepper-infused kombucha one bottle at a time. Pepper kombucha is a different taste I occasionally enjoy, but I definitely don’t want six bottles of it in my fridge at a time.

watermelon, blueberries and lemongrass

Moon Berry Kombucha

Watermelon, a luscious fruit, is ruled by the Moon. This brew is the ultimate in mid-winter when fresh fruit is scarce.

Remember the humid days of the summer, picking up a fresh watermelon from a neighborhood stand? Slicing into a juicy watermelon feels like sunshine! Pick up a small segment at the store to beat the winter blues, and dehydrate any leftovers.

Frozen, thawed blueberries are a hero to dehydrated leftover watermelon, giving a juicy amp to this recipe. Lemongrass adds a sophisticated layer; use fresh or dried. Are you overwintering lemongrass? Give your plants a clean-cut and put a few strands in your jar for a fresh, zingy addition you’ll appreciate.

  • Watermelon –  fresh, or dehydrated leftovers from a juicy summer farmer’s market purchase (1 tbsp)
  • Lemongrass – dried or fresh strands cut from overwintering lemongrass (2-3 strands)
  • Blueberry – thawed, frozen blueberries (from any retail store, market) (2+ tbsp)

Don’t have lemongrass? No prob – substitute a little squirt of lemon juice.