Fresh lime and cranberry juice in jars, in the open sunlight next to a large natural stone.

The Samantha Kombucha 💋

Enjoy a kombucha mocktail take on a favorite drink of many: the Cosmopolitan! Cut right to the chase and use cranberry juice in this recipe. Paired with a couple of squirts of lime, you’ll be ready to enjoy this sassy treat any time you need a break from fruity kombucha.

While fresh cranberries (especially from Wisconsin!) are a nice extra in kombucha, they don’t ferment well in kombucha. Fresh, or even dried cranberries, still give off a good cranberry flavor, but with The Samantha Kombucha – organic concentrate juice is best. You can find this in local co-ops, like Basics in Janesville Wisconsin, or in organic sections of grocery stores.

  • Cranberry juice – fresh juice, or from concentrate (about 1 ½  tbsp)
  • Lime juice – fresh juice, or imitation (tiny plastic limes!) is totally acceptable (about 1 ½  tbsp)

Give yourself a break, kick back, and relax with this one 💋 The Samantha Kombucha is best served in a martini glass, ready to relax!