a handwritten recipe for Aquarius Margarita Kombucha

Aquarius Margarita Kombucha

Aquarius Season runs from January 20-February 18. People born under this sign have free-spirited tendencies. And Aquarians really love tart flavors, especially lemons and limes.

In honor of Aquarians everywhere, the Aquarius Margarita Kombucha is a juicy, tart, and unique kombucha. Juice from fresh citrus is important to help kombucha ferment and flavor well. Adding oranges can contribute to better insight, which is helpful one month into a new year ????

  • Fresh lemon- juice from one fresh lemon (1 tbsp)
  • Fresh lime – juice from one fresh lime (1 tbsp)
  • Fresh orange – OPTIONAL – juice from ½ fresh orange
  • Pink Himalayan salt- OPTIONAL – the teensiest dash of pink salt rounds out this margarita booch. 
  • Agave syrup – OPTIONAL – one squirt

Like a pineapple, strawberry, or mango margarita? Add a little of these frozen fruits (1 tbsp or less) for an extra pizzaz.

Feeling like a sassy witch?! Throw in a shot of tequila when you pour this special treat. Happy Aquarius season, you beautiful, original, progressive Air sign, you!