Fresh watermelon sit on a plate in the sun, with a shallow dish of thawed frozen strawberries.

Summer Picnic Kombucha

Leftover picnic goodies are a dream come true for homemade kombucha… especially watermelon and juicy strawberries. When prepping flavors for kombucha, “over-ripe” fruit like juicy watermelon and strawberries lend well to strong flavor development. Turn to your leftovers or your grocery store’s “day-old” produce section for other winners like peaches, pears, and even tomatoes!

The fruity pairing of watermelon, strawberry, and a slight touch of basil combines well in fermentation and develops into a most refreshing summer kombucha. What’s naturally sweeter than that combination?

  • Strawberry – thawed, frozen, or fresh (1+ tbsp)
  • Watermelon – fresh or dehydrated (1 tbsp)
  • Basil – fresh leaf (1,  if using dried ¼ tsp.)

I love popping this one open before I commute home on a warm, late-summer day. I always give yours truly a compliment after the first sip! Follow my dehydrated fruit tips and tricks in other recipes featured to make Summer Picnic Kombucha year-round!

Strawberries sit in their own juice in a glass jar on a table with a Ouija Board cloth. A full, fresh banana and a few gems are also on the cloth.

Strawnana Kombucha

You may not expect it, but bananas are REALLY good in homemade kombucha. Bananas are an easy fruit to keep on hand. They are high in potassium and come in their own little carrying case for convenient snacking year-round!

Bananas pair really well with juicy, tangy fruits (or even peanut butter!) in homemade kombucha. Enjoy my special recipe, inspired by my friend and financial advisor, Kari Drasic. 

  • Strawberries –  fresh, frozen or dehydrated leftovers  (½ – 1 tablespoon)
  • Banana – sliced into narrow, long pieces (about ¼ banana, or 1 ½ tbsp)
  • Fresh ginger – a dime to penny-sized slice (1 tbsp)

Substitute strawberries for any sweet fruit and try your own creation. Blueberry banana! Kiwi Banana! Cherry Banana! Orange Banana! Pineapple Banana! (you get the drift ????) 

Handwritten recipe is shown with dehydrated strawberries, fresh cilantro and fresh ginger scattered on the page with gemstones.

Sweet Crab Kombucha

Cancer Season is June 22-July 22, and this special Earth sign is ruled by the Moon. People born under this sign tend to enjoy the comforts of home and nurturing the people they love ????

Strawberries are in season in Wisconsin at the end of June and into July, perfect timing for the Cancer zodiac season. Buy a full flat from your local farmers and at farm markets. Clean and freeze leftovers in freezer-safe bags, or dehydrate them!

Fresh ginger and cilantro flatter the sweetness of Sweet Crab Kombucha into an ultra-summery drink.

  • Strawberry – fresh or frozen and thawed (1+ tbsp); dehydrated (1 tsp)
  • Cilantro – fresh sprig (about 1 tbsp)
  • Ginger – fresh, powdered, or crystallized (small chunk, about ½ tbsp.)

Tell me more about dehydrated strawberries! Strawberries are JUST INCREDIBLE when dehydrated. The sweet little berries should be sliced and laid out in a single layer on a dehydrator until crisp and dry. 

Store dried strawberries in an airtight container (like a mason jar) in a cool dark area (like a basement). They should keep for well over a year and can be utilized in all sorts of recipes throughout the year. Just keep in mind they are dehydrated and pack a powerful punch.

When using dehydrated fruit in kombucha, you will want to use about HALF of the called-for fresh amount. Use it sparingly – a little goes a long way. I usually put a spoonful in my mouth during the cold days of January and mentally escape to the sweet summer vibes provided by Cancer season and the delicious strawberry. 

a variety of washed violet and pansy flowers are scattered on a paper towel to dry.

Crystal Visions Kombucha

We know April showers bring May flowers – let’s utilize springtime edible flowers like pansies and violets to make a truly special kombucha! When grown and harvested without fertilizers, these flowers are edible and fun to implement in kombucha, such as Crystal Visions Kombucha.

Add these homegrown petals to this special recipe; they lend a deep, sweet flavor. A small chunk of crystallized ginger is the hidden star of this very special kombucha. Utilize frozen fruits like strawberries and cherries in this homemade kombucha to round out the flavor as you make room for the incoming harvest ahead.

  • Violets and/or pansies – dried (1 flower)
  • Crystallized ginger – 1 chunk, about the size of the tip of your pinky finger
  • Strawberry – fresh, or frozen and thawed (1 tbsp)
  • Cherry – fresh, or frozen and thawed (1 tbsp)
  • Dried, culinary rose petals (1 tbsp – optional)

More on Violets and Pansies

Pansies and violets are said to be natural protectors of a garden. I like to plant some pots around my garden’s perimeter to keep negative spirits away. I habitually place pots of violets and pansies in cool patches. The pots help me ensure they aren’t affected by fertilizers, and flowers pop up annually in a vast array of blues and purples.

When the blossoms are full, pop off the heads at the base with your thumb.

Place flowers in a colander and rinse off thoroughly.

Arrange flowers in a single layer on a dry paper towel and place them in an undisturbed area, allowing the petals to dry fully.

As a note, violet and pansy roots are not edible! But they sure are cool to look at.

Violets and pansies leaves can be used raw – add them to salads and charcuterie boards for a special flair! I prefer to add dried leaves to kombucha and hot tea.

A fresh lemon sits next to thawed strawberries in a shallow dish. A green grolsch bottle sits in the background with a fresh ginger root and a natural stone with small fossilized areas.

Arnold Booch Palmer Kombucha

An Arnold Palmer is a personal favorite, a reliably refreshing mixture of lemonade and iced tea. The drink is coined after legendary golfer Arnold Palmer, who was the first person to earn $1 million playing golf.

Arnold Booch Palmer Kombucha tees up an equally refreshing kombucha. Bring a bottle on the greens and uncork anytime – who’s going to stop you?

Remember, a little bit of lemon juice goes a long way in kombucha. Too much, and the brew gets sour. The natural strawberry syrup created from thawed frozen fruit gives the magic touch to add a more robust, sweet flavor to your kombucha.

  • Lemon – juice (1 tsp)
  • Fresh ginger – a dime to penny-sized slice (1 tbsp)
  • Honey – local honey, squirt (1 tsp)
  • Strawberry – juice of frozen, thawed strawberries (1 tsp)
  • Black Tea – one bag

Place the entire tea bag into the bottle during the flavoring process.

Remove the tea bag when ready to drink, post-fridge.