Coffee filters and rubber band around a kombucha brewing vessel.

Coffee Filters: the best cover for kombucha brewing vessels

Do you want the most effective cover for homemade kombucha during the fermentation process? Look no further than ordinary coffee filters.

Effective layer

Double up with two layers and wrap a strong rubber band around your glass brewing vessel for ultra protection to ensure optimal kombucha brews.

coffee filters and rubber bands

What about the other options?

Sure, there are other options homebrewers will use: kitchen towels, cheesecloth, washcloths, old t-shirts… Because of the visible holes that I can see through with the naked eye, I just can’t recommend anything other than coffee filters. 

Coffee filters are inexpensive, and typically something that’s already in your pantry. The best thing about coffee filters is they offer a really effective layer and impenetrable surface for environmental contaminants and pesky fruit flies, which lead to scoby mold. Coffee filters hold up well, consistently for years, in my experience.

Enjoy kombucha and this wholesome, witchy content?

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