Too Fizzy Kombucha

Fizzy Enough for `Ya?

Homebrewers of kombucha will experience occasional bottles and recipes that are just TOO fizzy. Let me share some of my tips for reigning in extra-bold kombucha fizz.

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Kombucha bottle fill levels

Proper Bottle Fill Level

Homebrewers, take note. It is VERY important to fill bottles of kombucha correctly. The perfect fill level is illustrated in the photo above, marked by the purple notes that look like the number 7. I instruct homebrewers to use recycled Grolsch bottles.  Another tip: right below the lip 😘 Fill your bottles nearly to the

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moldy kombucha scoby

Brewers Beware of Mold

Oh no. It is something every kombucha home-brewer fears: Mold 😲 Scobys can get moldy for several reasons. This post discusses how your kombucha scoby can get infested with mold, what to do if you see mold, and how to avoid mold in the first place 👍 Mold is Rare, Really In my years of

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