Cranberry juice and lemon verbena kombucha

Cran Bam…. Thank you, ma’am! 

A Quick and Easy Recipe If you are looking for a breezy, straightforward homemade kombucha recipe, you’ll love my Cran Bam Kombucha recipe!  Featured Flavors Cranberry juice is good for immunity, full of antioxidants, and is a reliable player in the flavoring process. I typically keep a handful of shelf-stable jars on hand to use

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May Flowers Kombucha Recipe

May Flowers: Springtime Kombucha Recipe

Flavor homemade kombucha with The Booch Witch’s May Flowers recipe. Take advantage of organic concentrate, like tart cherry, to compliment the sweet floral notes from easy-to-find spring flowers like violets and pansies.

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pom pom kombucha

Pom Pom: A Naturally Sweet Recipe

Flavor homemade kombucha with The Booch Witch’s Pom Pom recipe. A naturally sweet combination gives booch lovers a tasty and rewarding quench. Starring pomegranate seeds and all of their antioxidants!

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Too Fizzy Kombucha

Fizzy Enough for `Ya?

Homebrewers of kombucha will experience occasional bottles and recipes that are just TOO fizzy. Let me share some of my tips for reigning in extra-bold kombucha fizz.

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