May Flowers: Springtime Kombucha Recipe

May Flowers Kombucha Recipe

Springtime in Wisconsin is such a special time of year. Bulbs and our spirits lift up after a cold winter. Where I live in Southern Wisconsin, early and hearty bloomers, like violets and pansies, bring a smile even on the early gray spring days. And, these special flowers are completely edible if they are grown properly!

Let’s flavor some homemade kombucha with Violets and some Tart Cherry!

Harvesting Violets and Pansies

Harvesting wildflowers like violets and pansies is an easy task and adds a special flair and flavor to homemade kombucha. You can use the fresh flowers in salads and desserts. Dried flowers can be used in teas. Both can be used to flavor homemade kombucha.

Simply snip off the flower (the stems are edible, too!), and place in a colander.

Pick your loot and wash off, then lay flat to dry.

Please ensure any foraged edible flowers, like pansies and violets, are collected from a yard or separate garden pot free from chemical pesticides. 

Tart Cherry

Two ingredients make my May Flowers a super simple and nutritious recipe. You can find organic tart cherry concentrate in the organic section of many grocery stores or at your favorite local co-op. 

I enjoy keeping a small jar of Tart Cherry in the fridge for kombucha flavoring when I’ve forgotten to thaw frozen fruit. Tart cherry is a tarty and sweet juice full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce muscle pain. Perfect for gardening season.

May Flowers Kombucha Recipe

*for one 12-16 ounce bottle

  • Violet Flowers – dried (1-3 full flowers)
  • Organic Tart Cherry Concentrate – one tablespoon

No Tart Cherry? No sweat! Substitute your favorite thawed frozen fruit, cranberry juice, or even some dried elderberries. Maybe even a dash of lemon juice and a squirt of honey…

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