Strawnana Kombucha

You may not expect it, but bananas are REALLY good in homemade kombucha. Bananas are an easy fruit to keep on hand. They are high in potassium and come in their own little carrying case for convenient snacking year-round!

Bananas pair really well with juicy, tangy fruits (or even peanut butter!) in homemade kombucha. Enjoy my special recipe, inspired by my friend and financial advisor, Kari Drasic. 

  • Strawberries –  fresh, frozen or dehydrated leftovers  (½ – 1 tablespoon)
  • Banana – sliced into narrow, long pieces (about ¼ banana, or 1 ½ tbsp)
  • Fresh ginger – a dime to penny-sized slice (1 tbsp)

Substitute strawberries for any sweet fruit and try your own creation. Blueberry banana! Kiwi Banana! Cherry Banana! Orange Banana! Pineapple Banana! (you get the drift ????)