Fresh melon is in a shallow dish next to a scattering of dried hibiscus petals and sliced fresh ginger.

Melon Magic Kombucha

I enjoy fresh muskmelon or two from the local farm stand every summer. A juicy, sweet fruit, muskmelons are good sources of potassium, which helps promote healthy blood pressure.

Being a small family of two, we always have leftovers whenever an entire melon is purchased. Good thing melons of all types make a delicious natural kombucha flavor, as featured in this recipe! In this recipe, you can use any of your favorite melon varieties to create a magical kombucha of your own ????

Melon Magic Kombucha is completed with our favorite, dependable booch-zinger: ginger. A generous portion of tangy hibiscus leaves this one of the quickest homemade brews you can make while emptying your fridge ????

  • Melon – fresh muskmelon (1+ tbsp) or dehydrated (1.5 tsp – see advice below)
  • Hibiscus – dried culinary petals (6 petals)
  • Ginger – fresh, powdered, or crystallized (small chunk, about ½ tbsp)

Let’s chat more about melons Muskmelons are a type of melon that include cantaloupe and honeydew* To read more on muskmelon varieties and differences, check out this Minneopa Orchards’ explanation.

Muskmelon also dehydrates nicely. Melons are SO moist that you are left with a super-concentrated, super-sweet fruit when dehydrated. It kind of tastes like an earthy version of a sweet mango.

Plus, dehydrated melon is a convenient kombucha flavor trick when you cannot access fresh produce.

Recently, during a home renovation, I needed to move my kombucha station downstairs, and I couldn’t access a full kitchen for two months. With limited access to a fridge, sink, etc…. even cutting boards! I needed to be efficient. I used every last bit of the dehydrated melon I had on hand over six weeks, and the kombucha was absolutely delicious. Be resourceful and utilize your own reliable dehydrated favorite fruits to keep on hand for when you may need them. Love you future self♥

Be sure you follow my advice: When using dehydrated fruit in kombucha, you will want to use about HALF of the called-for fresh amount. Use it sparingly – a little goes a long way. 

A fresh sprig of mint and thawed jar of frozen blackberries sit on the handwritten recipe.

Fresh Earth Kombucha

Pick some mint up at the farmer’s market? Do you have fresh mint growing in your garden? June is the perfect time to trim up your mint babies. 

*See my mint tip after the recipe ????

Fresh sprigs of mint add a low-key flavor to homemade kombucha flavorings. Any berry (frozen or thawed), or fresh fruit (apples, strawberries, cherries – the possibilities are endless) typically pair well with fresh mint.

Blackberry is a favorite of mine to combine with mint. Blackberry is such a dark, dramatic fruit and is ruled by the Earth element for all of my fellow Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). As you place blackberries in kombucha, asking for prosperity is appropriate. 

  • Blackberries – fresh or frozen and thawed (1+ tbsp)
  • Mint – Fresh (1 sprig)*
  • Hibiscus – dried culinary petals (3 petals)

*Dried mint can also be used in kombucha. Use it sparingly ????

Mint Gardening Tip:

To keep a mint plant healthy, cut it before it starts to produce a flower. This ensures the plant’s energy is held within the leaves, and not spent on the flower itself. As you can imagine, producing a flower uses a lot of a plant’s energy. 

Mint is so tough and forgiving, I typically eye up the best mint cuts when they reach 9-10 inches, but it varies by mint.

Important Tip: Cut the mint directly above a lower group of leaves, right above the grouping, as illustrated.

And… Repeat. The mint shown is a “Chocolate Mint” variety. I typically cut 6 sprigs for each bundle.

Tie in a bundle and hang upside down to dry. I like using twine, leftover ribbon, rubber bands, whatever I have my hands on.

Dried leaf bundles can be used for tea, potpourri, and even smudging as a sage alternative. Mint is known to aid in prophetic dreams, so adding some mint to a bedtime tea brew can be a good idea when looking for guidance.

Cherry and rosehip and rose petals displayed

Love Potion Kombucha

My Love Potion Kombucha recipe uses items from the heart to provide a super-special touch to homemade kombucha. Gathering a rich taste from juicy, dark red cherries, homebrewers can make this potion with ingredients dedicated explicitly to love, affection, romance ❤

A small bag of culinary rose petals is terrific for making a perky tea or liven-up baked goods. A staple in my pantry, I like to use a few rose petals in kombucha when I want a delicate, slightly sweet, earthy taste. 

Dried hibiscus petals are robust and offer a tangy, nearly sour addition to kombucha. And a crushed, dried rosehip ties it all together with its sweet and tart taste.

  • Dried, culinary rose petals (1 tsp)
  • Dark red cherries – frozen, thawed (2 tbsp)
  • Hibiscus – dried culinary petals (3 petals)
  • Rosehip – Dried, crushed to release the good stuff (1)

Make this love potion kombucha with special intentions focused on the true love in your life, and listen to your heart. Enjoy each sip with thoughtful gratitude and appreciation for the love language you have created ❤‍