New Year, New Habits

Pouring kombucha into a handled pouring bowl

Happy New Year!

As you look to your new healthy habits and resolutions, remember The Booch Witch can help you sustain and maintain your goals. Kombucha isn’t just about weight loss; this is about being kind to yourself. 

The regular intake of kombucha has benefits which can:

  • Detoxify, helping you maintain a weight loss
  • Decrease inflammation, riding you of stubborn fat 
  • Help you cut back on alcohol and high-sugar drinks

Here’s my story

A handful of years ago, after losing a couple of pounds the old fashioned way, with diet and exercise, I stumbled upon kombucha in the store. I was looking to maintain my weight loss by paying better attention to what I put in my body. And, I knew the diet sodas had to go. I picked a bottle of retail booch and brought it to work. I was hooked on what would become my new, healthier afternoon pick-me-up instantly. I liked the natural flavors of the sweet, tart and fizzy drink. But, the $3 here and there were starting to add up.

I looked into brewing my own kombucha, did the math, and talked with some long-time brewers for advice on how to best get myself started. In May of 2017, I plopped my first starter kit into a jar and off I went! I’ve incorporated this healthy habit into a weekly routine and incorporating my own creative, bold flair and personal taste as much as I can. 

Taking the next step

As I’ve shared booch with friends throughout the year I’ve found many are interested in starting this process for themselves, and just need some guidance. This is where The Booch Witch comes in, offering educational classes and the tools you need to get started in one place.

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Thanks for swinging through, and stay tuned! I’ve got oodles of plans.

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