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Listen to my Interview on the Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Podcast

I am so happy to be a guest on The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener this week 🀩 Here’s a peek at some questions we address:

  1. What inspired me to start the Booch Witch?
  2. How to best flavor kombucha
  3. How to split a scoby

Tune in to hear me chat allllllll about it and listen to Holly and Joey’s super advice about prepping your garden for winter 😍

More from The Booch Witch:

How to Burp Kombucha

How to Burp Kombucha Bottles

Watch the Booch Witch’s step-by-step video for instructions on how to burp your home-brew kombucha πŸ‘

Kombucha bottle fill levels

Proper Bottle Fill Level

Homebrewers, take note. It is VERY important to fill bottles of kombucha correctly. The perfect fill level is illustrated in the photo

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