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Listen to my Interview on the Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Podcast

I am so happy to be a guest on The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener this week 🤩 Here’s a peek at some questions we address:

  1. What inspired me to start the Booch Witch?
  2. How to best flavor kombucha
  3. How to split a scoby

Tune in to hear me chat allllllll about it and listen to Holly and Joey’s super advice about prepping your garden for winter 😍

More from The Booch Witch:

Best tea for kombucha

The Best Tea for Kombucha

Not all tea will work for a home-brew kombucha. Sticking to plain green and black teas is the way to go for home-brew kombucha.

The integrity of kombucha and why reading labels matters

Why reading the label matters

Your favorite kombucha brands may be watered down. Kombucha Brewers International released a Code of Practice. The code distinguishes between the following

Use what you have at home for kombucha

How to Flavor Kombucha

Selecting the best fruits, fruit mixtures, and flattering herbs and spices is a creative part of the home kombucha brewing process.

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