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Listen to my Interview on the Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Podcast

I am so happy to be a guest on The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener this week šŸ¤© Here’s a peek at some questions we address:

  1. What inspired me to start the Booch Witch?
  2. How to best flavor kombucha
  3. How to split a scoby

Tune in to hear me chat allllllll about it and listen to Holly and Joey’s super advice about prepping your garden for winter šŸ˜

More from The Booch Witch:

moldy scoby

Brewers Beware of Mold

Oh no. It is something every kombucha home-brewer fears: Mold šŸ˜² Scobys can get moldy for several reasons. This post discusses how

Best tea for kombucha

The Best Tea for Kombucha

Not all tea will work for a home-brew kombucha. Sticking to plain green and black teas is the way to go for home-brew kombucha.

The integrity of kombucha and why reading labels matters

Why reading the label matters

Your favorite kombucha brands may be watered down. Kombucha Brewers International released a Code of Practice. The code distinguishes between the following

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